Saturday, June 29, 2019
Alpine Shooting Range
5482 Shelby Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76140
at 8am, First shot at 9am

Fourth Annual Sporting Clay Tournament to benefit our local Trinity Habitat for Humanity - Mansfield Build.

The Third Annual Mansfield Shootout is a fun, enjoyable event whose primary purpose is to raise funds for our Trinity Habitat for Humanity - Mansfield Build project. We have built 13 homes in Mansfield, Texas, partnering with Trinity Habitat for Humanity, and hope to build many more in the coming years.

These homes help families become homeowners that otherwise might not have been able to. It is not a handout to these families as they have a mortgage, and they payback the cost of the home, as well as put in a minimum of 250 hours of labor on other homes before they move in to theirs.

Habitat has a critical screening process, and chooses some great well-deserving families that are appreciative of the hand up. Homeownership alone, creates tons of opportunities for these families that they would otherwise be far more difficult.

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